Saturday, January 15, 2011


每一天的天空都是不一樣的, 你, 有發覺嗎?

曾經看過一齣日劇, 他是一名攝影師, 為了讓自己被污染的心靈得到洗滌, 回歸到零, 每一天早晨他都會到天台拍攝晨光, 藍藍的天, 白白的運, 有時天空晴朗的時候, 一顆白雲都沒有, 那種心境是多麼的舒泰, 心廣神怡, 那種一望無際, 真的好棒! 而且, 天空除了藍白色, 還有橘黃色, 粉紫色, 色彩繽紛!

曾經, 我也攜帶小相機四處拍攝不同地區的天空, 感覺是興奮無比, 相當開心的!


Friday, January 14, 2011

When U are Home Alone....

Have you ever experience Home Alone?

Well, this don't happen that often until I have to re-call, have I ever experience Home Alone...?

I don't think I have been left alone at home for couple of days, probably couple of hours.

I did travel with friends to overseas without companion of any family members.

1st time was to Bangkok, 2nd time was to Beijing.

No matter I travel for vacation or trip as volunteer, the feeling of being myself with strangers (although my room mate is my friend but not my direct family) is a new experience to me.

That's the very moment that I will learn to pick up to be independent rather than dependant on others, thinking that others will take good care of me.

I suppose no one wish to be left behind and left Home Alone. However, with the recent family formation, a couple with one or two kids, the small scale of family structure will bring the possibility of Home Alone to be rather high. Especially when the kid no longer kid but an adult.

How would life be in the future? We stick to the high technology? Get through internet, we don't drive to supermarket, just click online to purchase food and beverages? We don't even communicate with neighbourhoods? Well, suppose this will not happen that "fast". After all, golden age group will spend and enjoy their moment playing real "mahjong" or chit chat with neighbour about which supermarket is offering better price.

Somehow, if, I mean only if, you are really left behind and Home Alone~
You can finally have a piece of mind for yourself...

You probably will switch on your classic music that you rarely listen to, sit down at the Ogawa chair or OSIM chair, whatever you call it. Thereafter, you may want to have a cup of coffee or a fresh juice. Finally settle down with the nice cooling spiritual living hall. You start thinking how you grown up from baby, kids, entering Primary School, Secondary School, College and stepping into the society like others do.

"Pop"! Suddenly you realized that you have been working 9am-6pm for 5-10 years maybe, you felt tired. You felt glad that you are Home Alone afterall and that is what you need: a rest.

As a bottom line, Home Alone is not bad afterall.



農曆新年快到了, 小時候的氣氛比較濃郁, 因為會有父母手牽手去市場買新衣服!
由於年年的貨物價格膨脹, 所以, 漸漸的可以理解, 一年比一年難過, 但是~ 無論如何, 年年難過, 年年過啦!


紅紅鐺鐺的燈籠懸掛在高樓, 四處可以聽見新年歌曲~ 鑼鼓聲~鏘鏘鏘!!!

游子回乡的佳節來臨了~ 一包两袋的, 大家都很期待過年輕松愉快的日子!


兔年 - 兔氣揚眉, 和氣生財, 生意興隆, 闔家平安!

2011 心願

過了一年, 漫長嗎? 還好.
踏入新的一年, 充滿希望和挑戰的新年---2011.
不管是否真的有2012的末日預言, 人生還是得充實的過.

自己呢, 更加要持續往自己的夢想前進.


見多了並不代表黑暗, 太陽之下, 沒有新鮮的事.
每一天都有很多的人, 事, 物在等待我出發掘.

心歷路程, 一年一年的建設, 一步一步的走, 不計較多少, 反正一直不斷的工作, 不斷的累積, 儘管歲月會留下痕跡, 但是, 對人生的歷練會加分.