Sunday, September 16, 2007


到底我得當一日和尚敲一日鐘呢, 還是半日仙呢?

如果: 兩件事情同時間發生, 一件呢老早已經答應好得完成; 而另一件呢比第一件更重要又或著只有一次的機會去完成, 那該怎麼辦呢?

衡量一下吧! 當半日仙一點也不好受, 因為無論你怎麼努力去完成半天的工作, 你只知道該半天的事情, 而下半部分的事情你丁點兒也不知道, 彷佛沒了記憶一樣. 這和沒有辦沒什麼兩樣.
我非常明白, 只要我沒有拿捏好這平衡點, 我真的會垮掉. 但是, 究竟有什麼解決方案呢?

其實上天已經安排得很好了! 突發狀況的事情可以扭轉局勢. 原本是可以一日和尚敲一日鐘的, 只是因為我沒有清醒的腦袋去分析事情研發後的後果, 而且沒有當機立斷, 否則事情可以更圓滿!

接下來的關卡, 到底該怎麼解決呢?

不可以在最後一分鐘才臨時通知別人, 這樣是很不好的習慣, 而且這會帶給別人麻煩.

好! 就這麼辦吧. 首先, 向兩方面詢問意見: 到底如果沒有出席會有什麼樣的後果, 而後確定一下, 是否可以在沒有我的狀況地下繼續進行事宜. 在確定了以後馬上做個妥當的決定, 告訴雙方. 畢竟有些事情勢時沒有兩全其美的, 但是起碼儘量做得盡善盡美, 更不要帶給別人麻煩.

希望自己將來可以多改變, 多與人配合.

啊~ 問題別老是纏著我啦~!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Recovered from SICKNESS~

Ever think of falling sick so that you get to rest and stay home for a break?
At least stay away from work? Away from office?

NEVER think of falling sick again after FEVER... for 2 weeks.

Falling sick is not something I wish to have while I am rushing for work and projects in hand.
However - - - when comes to Month of "Seven" I somehow fall sick badly.
Doc said I have fever ~ 38~~ I have took my MC and medicine.
Although I dislike taking pills I have no choice but to swallow it with my eyes close.

Fever ~ when I plan well to go vacation at Sepang? NEH~ I will still go SEPANG!!
I went to Sepang with Fever (Hehe...I thought I have recovered ><''')

Wearing thick jacket and yet still feel freezingly COLD~....

I felt so *touched* when my bf and his family are so caring.
HE~ takes good care of me. I get to have a break from office.
Honestly, after the FEVER comes and goes.... My body started to appear with reddish marking.

I went for second checkup with Doc... suspecing myself caught with Denggi~~
Good thing the reddish making actually turns out to be some kind of Fever sickness called "Fong Mok"
I cant take bath, cant wash hair, cant blow myself with wind... I also scream my head off~!!

I got warm water to at least clean myself up and ... I ignore the rules of FEVER and washed my hair ~~ else I might have a hair cut even if I have fever here :P

Wow~ it took me 2 weeks plus plus plus to recover from this Fong Mok.
I get to have a special offer - that is no need to COOK for 1 week :)
I also get to have the priority to rest more during these days.

However, I must get engine ready againfor new project~!

Anyway, I missed the SOLO competition event as I was unable to attend to it with the sickness.
I was afraid that I might faint half way during the competition.
So, I have decided to stay home instead of relying others to take care of me while others need to carry on their duties.

I havent been going to temple for almost 3 weeks.
I miss my prayers with Maitreya~!

Hmmm... healthy is the most important in LIFE!
Never fall sick again~ it's a terrible memory.