Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do it While you Still Have the CREDIT~ to do it~~!

Lately, I have a couple of friends that are facing health problems.

Honestly speaking, I do not have a tough and strong body too! Every time when my period arrives and there comes my menstruation pain. It only takes me a day off on the 1st day of period from work. Meaning that no matter how unless it fall on weekend or else most likely I will have to take a day or half day off to lay down at home to rest.

I have been quite strong thinking that I did undergo routine exercise to keep my body strong. However, as long as I am lack of exercise I will face the same problem.

Drinking red wine is my another option to keep the blood circulating well. I am not quite sure if it has any direct linkage between red wine and menstruation pain. By in my mind, it should be useful though~

Somehow, to maintain healthy lifestyle, consume more fresh fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water. No matter how stress out your life maybe, you have to be positive and always smile.

It works!

Therefore, I will be joining this year Standard Chartered Bank's Marathon for the 10km challenge. I hope I can finish the race. As long as I can keep running steadily I trust that I can finish till the end of it. Therefore, now~ training session has started.

Do it While you Still have the CREDIT~~~ JUST do it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


看見許許多多的人在談論名牌...不論是名牌包包, 名牌手錶, 名牌車子, 名牌鞋子等等.

其實, 每一樣東西只要適用, 名牌不名牌並不是那麼重要.

以前, 剛開始工作, 並沒有很多的衣服更換, 結果, 就是很簡略, 簡簡單單的配搭就上班去了.

日子就了, 身上的任務與責任多了, 需要必備的用具多了, 就會越帶越多東西在包包里. 由一般的小型包包到現在越來越大的, 這都是因為需要更多的空間容納下更多東西. 目前有個白色的包包真合我心意. 它, 實在太棒了! 能夠裝文件, 化妝用品, 受傷的繃帶, 藥膏, 皮包, 鑰匙還有許許多多的小東西. 真的很高興.

對名牌並不很認同的我, 對名牌的名字自然陌生不已, 什麼LV, GUCCI, COACH等, 只有在去到上海旅遊時聽同事們說起才認識它們...

不管怎樣, 名牌不名牌都不重要, 只要穿著整齊乾淨, 看起來精神奕奕, 即使再樸素也並不會失禮於人前.

More than what I expect... to reach the TOP~!

It's Gunung Nuang again~!

This is the 2nd time we in a group of Seven trying to reach the top of Gunung Nuang @ Hulu Langat. I woke up at 3am to get ready fried Tom Yam Bee Hoon. Thereafter, 430am depart from house to Safari to meet up with other members.

After which we drop by Taman Putra to meet the rest of the members. Finally we reached the car park lot of Gunung Nuang. The day is still young and there isn't any sun light.

We stretch abit and started our journey with our torch light.

One turning passes by another. We have been walking non-stop until we have finally reach the Kem Lolo. This is the benchmark during the 1st Trip to Gunung Nuang. We reached this station at 830am. I have almost drank half bottle of my water... I have to save up some for the returning thereafter. We have continue our journey and walk and climb...

There seems to be some great wind or water that some big trees fall down block the path. We still managed to cross over. My heart is really thankful to the senior who have gone through this path because they have left their foot steps and make a great walk path to us. Without the foot prints and path, I trust that we will be having tough time trying to reach Kem Pacat.

It's the same lesson we have in life. We have to always be grateful to all our ancestor and senior who have passed on to us the great sample and experience to us. Of cause the main lesson here beside being grateful to them is, walk it YOURSELF! and you will definitely know the feeling deep inside when you walk along it.

It is really tough, I started to feel hungry and energy low. I am now walking with my instinct. My spirit and i must belief that I can walk through this path.. my heart is praying that we get to reach the hill safely and breath~ keep breathing!

I have asthma before, therefore my breathing is getting more and more heavy and uneasy. But keep telling myself to breathe in and breathe out~~~

FINALLY!!! We have reach Kem Pacat!!!

Thinking that we have finally reach the Top~~~ But actually, we are not up to the Top yet. We have to put a stop and fill up our tummy with food. We have gone through discussion, after knowing that we have to walk another 1-2 hours to reach the top... We have come to conclusion that due to limited energy left, we decided to go down stream instead of heading to the Top.

My knees are in pain. When we were having our lunch at the Kem Pacat, the wind blows strongly. There were lots of bee in the jungle. The strong wind blew them away. We have finally finished our meal and just at the right time the wind stopped and the bee are all around us. We started again our journey to go down stream.

I didn't know that our following journey is going to be that tough...I slipped myself and sat on the floor coz it's slippery. Thereafter, around 30-40min we have reached the Water Fall. We remove out shoes and got our legs in the water fall to release the stress.

It's a wonderful feeling. The water is cold and refreshing. After around 20min, we continue again our journey down stream. It's not easy. I fall down again ... got my knees kneel on the floor. Bleeeds a little as my shoes are over slippery. It's a wonderful souvenir for me. Thanks to Buddha Maitreya that I am not stink by bee no suck blood by insect.

After we have reach down at the car park again, it is already 330pm. We head to Taman Putra to have some food. However, 3 of the members were exhauted (we are exhauted too) decided to go home direct for a rest. Left with 4 of us to have slight food and left Tmn Putra.

Jason drove quite fast and I reach home very tired. The legs are like not listening to what my brain is trying to send message to it... It's terribly tired and even I sat in the living hall, I have been "fishing". I have washed some of the items and took a bath. This is a great trip.

I sure hope that next time I get to go Chilling. I heard that it is a very nice place with nice scenery of Water fall.

Before the nex trip, I gonna get a pair of new climbing shoes and jogging shoes.

Wonderful experience!

This is my new hobby in year 2009~~!