Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camping @ Gunung Nuang @ Hulu Langat

Excellent I would say~~~! It's so excellent to camp at Gunung Nuang.

11th April 2009 -
wake up at 630am to get ready to depart to Gunung Nuang.
since there are nine of us we have set a meet up point at Hulu Langat. We went to pick up some1 from the station.
Thereafter, we gather at one of the restaurant at Hulu Langat.

Some of them just started to have their breakfast. Some even pack for their lunch.
We managed to grab a "Parang" with the price of RM26.00 and drove ourselves all the way to Gunung Nuang *of coz we lost in the middle of the way but we managed to find the right path again.

By the time we reached Gunung Nuang is already 11am. We reported ourselves at the guard house. Parked our car and started to walk up hill.

We have taken photos of "Before going up hill", everyone is just so very excited and eager to go up hill.

Around 1 o'clock we had our lunch in the middle of the hill. We continued our journey after the lunch. It took us 3 hours to reach the waterfall and found a camp site.

Immediately we set up our camp and get ready to set up the fire for dinner. So lucky that the spot of camp we had it has already been setup nicely by previous campers. They have dig the floor for the water to flow in case of rain. Some went for a bath at the waterfall while other take turns to take care of the valuable things at the camp site.

Around 430pm the rain starts to pour and we have decided to have our mee cup and hot drinks early of next morning.

The rain was not very heavy however it started to pour heavily around 6-7pm. Our camp was flooded. We are unable to rest in the camp and we have ourselves covered under the rain coat and stood underneath a "pondok".

We waited for the rain to stop so that we can clean up the camp and get some rest.

Indeed the God of Rain is good to us. The rain stops.

During the dark nite, I can hear lots of sound. Sound of nature.

Although the sleeping condition is not as good as bedsheet. In fact, I am sleeping on top of the rocks. It's a fresh experience to me.

I am grateful that I have joined the team and managed to finish hiking half of Gunung Nuang. Though our plan is the reach the summit.

We will be back again probably for a day trip just to reach the summit! Let's hit for the SUMMIT / the PEAK in MAY 2009~~~!!!

A closer look at the nature, how many people is willing to listen to the nature's heart beat?
While I was soaking myself in the waterfall... It's so cooling and refreshing. Where else can you find the natural air breeze and water to wash you off the stressful day?

I must use the same SPIRIT to hit my dream. The SPIRIT of hiking to the middle of Lolo Camp site.